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Audiobook Narration

We create high quality audiobooks. At the very core we are professional narrators and producers. Production of the spoken word is our specialty. The world wants to hear your story. Let us help you sound amazing while you tell it.

All audiobook narration is recorded in a sound treated booth using industry standard professional recording gear and software to ensure only the highest quality sound production. We use only the best time honored and time tested analogue hardware as well as the latest digital recording tools.

Starting at the microphone we pair your unique voice with the microphone that best accentuates your own signature tone. Next You'll be able to hear each chapter and verse and can talk back to the control room during recording. There's nothing quite like being in the recording studio as the experience is personalized to you.

Finally, be inspired as your story comes to life as each written page is converted to audio.

Don't want to narrate your own story? Not a problem we can help suggest professional story tellers to add the flavor you need.

Our rates and fees are very fair and you won't have to break the bank to get the quality you deserve.

Audiobook Production

We solve a fundamental problem with our unique services. Authors and Publishers need book titles converted to Audiobook format...Yesterday. They need compelling story tellers to make their titles shine.

Thanks to smartphones and the always on the go life we are all running wild to get it all done each day. No time to stop and read, so pick up your phone and hit play...This means demand for audiobooks is insatiable. According to the Wall Street Journal...what's the fastest growing form of publishing? Audiobooks. Sales in the U.S. and Canada jumped 21% in 2015 from the previous year, according to the Audio Publishers Association.

Most audiobooks are sold through and iTunes, and to get your audiobook title listed you need to know how to navigate the owned platform called ACX. We have years of experience working with ACX and know their production guidelines well. We can help you through the entire process from start to finish. What's their distribution agreement? Should one go exclusive or non-exclusive? What's the difference? We can help you sort it all out.

Located in Salt Lake City, UT our recording studio provides a clean, comfortable and uplifting place to be inspired while you create your next audiobook.

We record, edit, QC and master the narration to the specs requested then deliver to your email for download.

Recent Audiobook Productions


This is the second time I've worked with soundvoiceover, and plan on working with him in the future. All the work is done to specifications, on time, and with great communication and professionalism. I would highly recommend soundvoiceover.


National talent level sound. Got what we were looking for. Classy. Corporate.

-Anonymous Client

Thanks very much for this awesome work!

Very fast, uncomplicated and perfectly the product we were looking for.


I was blown away by Mr. Dunford’s narration from the first page he pulled me in leaving me hanging on his every word. I do not know how he did the sounds effect but they sounds natural and robotic just as one would picture it to be. He has a wonderful strong voice that you get lost in, there were no repeats of words or any place where the volume was higher or lower. If any breaks were taken I could not tell. His character voices are just wonderful, his female voices were great as was his males. You always know what each character is feeling with powerful emotion he deliveries throughout the audio. I am just blown away with how realistic it sounded. I had no trouble picturing the story and scenes as they unfold holding me captive from start to finish. There are no background noises just a clean, crisp, clear outstanding audio that I could not put down. The sound effects are out of this world pulling the reader in from every corner giving you a story you can’t put down. Walmart just loves me when I get so into the listen I keep shopping so I can listen longer. This is one narrator that knows how to perform keeping you invested and very entertained. I am so looking forward to listening to more of his work.


Meet the Producer

Nathan Dunford

Nathan Dunford

Meet the Producer

Nathan has a passion for the world of VO (Voice Over). It's been said that the human voice is the most powerful sound in the universe. Each and every one of us has our own unique sound! It's a beautiful thing.

Nathan sort of fell into the voice over business by accident, but it's by no means a mistake he's successfully produced a multitude of audiobook titles sold both on and iTunes. Nathan's passion for VO and years of experience recording and producing audiobooks lends keen understanding to the ( owned) ACX platform requirements. He can help you safely guide your title through distribution and sales on and iTunes.

When Nathan's not behind the mic recording, or in the control room engineering recordings, you might find him with his dear family up in the woods at the cabin chillin out recharging for the next round of audiobook production.

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